I have written an article regarding “Top Jobs in IOT Value Chain” in March 2017 and predicted the IoT developers will on demand within 2-3 years time frame. However, in order develop this new skills, we believed that it should start with proper training in the Universities. Thus, within less than 3 months we have made a partnership with 15 Universities (including 1 from Singapore) (Note: All the names will be disclosed later) whereby FAVORIOT will be providing the IoT platform for the following purpose:

  1. Hands-on Lab for students
  2. Final Year Projects
  3. R&D projects for the students and lecturers
  4. Beta trial – within and outside the University

We hoped this initiative will spur the interests in IoT and also groom the next Generation-IoT.

Are you ready to become Generation-IoT?

About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of FAVORIOT Sdn Bhd. He is an IOT Evangelist and a Thought Leader. He received an award as 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by World CSR 2017. He is ranked No. 20th Thought Leader in IOT by 2014 Onalytics Report – “The Internet of Things – Top 100 Thought Leaders”, ranked Top 10 in IoT Top 100 Influencers by Postscapes 2016/2017, ranked Top 100 in Smart Cities Top Experts by Agilience Authority Index May 2016. He is also a Global Vision Board Member. You can reach him on LinkedIn or Twitter. Check all his presentation slides HERE.


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