In 2022, we focused on making the subscription options for the users to be easier. With new upgraded features, the Favoriot IoT Platform will now have clear different usage of developers.

Different Subscription Plans

We have decided to maintain the FREE plan without any expiry date (but we might change this in the future). This plan is very popular for students who wish to learn and develop small IoT projects. It’s also being used for new users who just wanted to try out the IoT platform. But this plan is limited to only 3 devices and 500 APIs per day quota. This number of APIs per day quota limits the application for serious applications to 1 API per every 2.88 minutes.

With the Beginner Plan, we have upgraded to 10,000 APIs per day (previously 5,000 APIs per day). With this quota, the user can send data every 0.144 minutes or every 8.64 seconds. Furthermore, it has extra features such as sending Alerts via Telegram and unlimited dashboards.

However, the Developer Plan has become one of the favorite plans for serious developers requiring a high number of APIs quota per day  (100,000 APIs). It has three (3) distinct features that benefit the users – (1) New IoT Analytics (2) Auto and manual HTTP POST to send data to 3rd party server (3) Dashboard with advanced widgets and multi-device on single-graph

The IoT Ecosystem Plan remained the same and it has been bundled as a free 1-year “gift” to any educational institutions who send more than 10 pax to the 2-days IoT Fundamentals Using Favoriot IoT Platform Training.

Monthly Subscription and Long Term Discount

We see the need by some users who only wish to upgrade their Free Plan to Beginner for a short while (a couple of months only) and thus we have made the Annual Subscription monthly (The renewal still needs to be done manually. However, we will still send renewal notification alerts).

We also make an option for a longer subscription period that has a very good discount for 3 years subscription. It will avoid the need for constant reminders and the hassle to get renewal approval from their management.

Customers can also contact Favoriot directly if they need a customized plan or on-premise system.

New Payment Methods

To cater to overseas payments, we have made the payment options simpler by offering VISA and MASTERCARD. For local customers, we offered other payment options such as FPX, Boost, and TnG eWallet.

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