Wheel Balancing Robot for Edutainment​

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Wheel balancing robot for edutainment application. This project combines 3 core elements – robotic, IoT, and entertainment – for targeted educational purposes, ie. STEM. A robotics application which consists remotely control the ed robot via smartphone, and data capturing, storing, analysis and display using IoT platforms framework based on FAVORIOT is considered.

The framework used can be applied in various IoT based edutainment courses/games like line following balancing robot, wall following balancing robot & etc. Then the competitors will be notified their robot status, control performance and result. Furthermore, the framework is not only limited to the highlighted courses but also can be utilized to other relevant IoT-robotics applications.Io

[NOTE: This project is being done by UTM, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator]

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Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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