As stated in the article by Kasey Panetta, “7 Technologies Underpin the Hype Cycle for the Internet of Things, 2016. “

The IoT itself will help digital transformations but will take 5 to 10 years to gain mainstream adoption,” said Alfonso Velosa, research vice president. 

The IoT remains on the peak of inflated expectations for the third year in a row as vendors push the hype even higher, but most companies struggle to find use cases beyond proof-of-concept.”

CIOs will be responsible for implementing IoT, but it will be challenging to get all the right skills in-house, given the diversity of technologies. Many companies failed to plan or even execute the IoT strategy. The companies don’t have the necessary building blocks, which I termed “DNA.”

What’s the DNA of the Internet of Things?

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DNA is comprised of three building blocks:

  1. D – Devices – Comprised of (i) Sensors (ii) Computing (iii) Communications module
  2. N – Networks – Such as ZigBee, WiFI, LTE, 5G, satellite
  3. A – Applications – Such as new workflow, dashboard, analytics etc.

What differentiates successful planning, execution, implementation, and adoption of IoT in a company is the maturity of its DNA.

  1. It’s an important factor to get the mindset ready with their strategy to adopt Digital Services.

    We might be talking Digital Economy or Big Data Analytics whatsoever. Still, without a Champion that can break down all the barriers, especially in the mindset that the company will be doomed within the next 3-4 years when everyone else has increased their productivity multiple folds and created new revenue streams by adopting digital services. Both front-end and back-end systems must be in digital form. Interacting with customers is no longer sufficient for humans but must extend the reach using online and mobile services. To be more competitive, we must do away with the pen and paper process. Everything MUST be in digital format. Otherwise, your business will be eaten away by your competitor.

    Failing to embrace digital transformation can have severe consequences for businesses. If your competitor has already gone digital and increased their productivity, your business will be left behind. Pen and paper processes will become outdated, leading to inefficiencies and reduced competitiveness. The result is a gradual decline in market share, leading to potentially catastrophic consequences.

  2. Taking control of the utilization of your assets and understanding how your customer uses your products are essential.

    Connecting assets is crucial for effective monitoring and maximizing productivity. By selecting the right network, you can ensure that you have real-time data on the usage of your assets. Whether it’s a fixed or wireless, short-range or long-range, low-speed or high-speed network, choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. With the right connectivity, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing the potential of your assets and achieving business success.

  3. Get ready to transform your new process workflow. It will never be the same again. IoT will break down unnecessary barriers and automate the process flow. You might face some resistance internally when these new processes obsolete many manual tasks and jobs. However, you might need new applications to manage the new approach, and thus new jobs are created. Therefore, many custom-built applications need to integrate into legacy systems. But it also opens up unlimited possibilities for new applications for companies wishing to replace their old systems or adopt a new business.

IoT is a journey, and every trip needs to start with a single step. You might encounter different barriers and probably different options to arrive at the same destination along the journey. Choose the path that suits you because every company has its DNA.

Ask yourself – Do you have the DNA of the Internet of Things?


Start Your IoT DNA Using an IoT Platform

The one that “glues” both hardware (IoT devices) and applications is the IoT middleware or “IoT Platform”. Here’s where you send the data from the IoT devices and manage it for the purpose of doing further analysis or developing an application.

It’s important to have an open platform that can easily connect to any kind of sensor (which conforms to IoT standards). IoT platform such as FAVORIOT offers an easy-to-use API for developers to create their IoT solutions. You can check and use the platform for FREE HERE.

Using FAVORIOT as Your Main IoT Platform

FAVORIOT can make your project simple by easily connecting your IoT sensors and collecting data in a very structured manner. It has an in-built dashboard to visualize your data using the available widgets quickly.

It has been used by different users, from students to freelancers, startups, and business organizations. You can start with a FREE plan or subscribe to the premium plans that cater to your project needs. You can check the pricing here.

If you have a big IoT project for this year, you can schedule an appointment with FAVORIOT to discuss how we can help.

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About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist, Thought Leader, and CEO of FAVORIOT.  He is very passionate to build a Generation IoT of the future. And currently, his company, Favoriot, is offering a FREE IoT platform subscription to start your IoT journey in a simple and rapid manner.

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