Temperature and Vibration Monitoring System for Smart manufacturing Application

screenshot_07.pngGenerally, this project is about the temperature and vibration monitoring system by implementing the Internet of Thing (IoT) and monitoring using the ThingSpeak and Favoriot platform. This project is to create base on the needs of upgrades in the UniMAP’s manufacturing lab. The data that is monitored by the system will allow the user to know the real-time condition of the manufacturing application. In which, having this monitoring system, the person in charge does no longer need to go to the manufacturing application for monitoring, instead they can monitor the application from far at anytime anyplace.

This project will involve software and hardware part. There will be a feedback system, which is a prototypes engine and a buzzer. In which the prototype’s engine will act like the manufacturing application and the buzzer sound when the temperature reaches a certain fixed temperature.

[Note: This project is being developed by UniMAP, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator. Article was written by Dr. Azremi Abdullah Al-Hadi]

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