screenshot_03.pngIn today’s life with the influence and vast usage or adoption of Internet of Things (IoT), the surveillance systems become the essential needs (no longer a luxury facility) to home residents, buildings and other important premises.

This project deals with web-based and mobile app surveillance system using Raspberry Pi and its supporting components i.e. Pi Camera, PIR motion sensor, CCTV housing, GSM module and web-based & mobile application.

This proposed solution is implemented over the internet using any computer and mobile devices from anywhere and anytime. The use of Raspberry Pi has given the ability to operate and control the motion detectors and video cameras for remote sensing and surveillance. The cameras automatically stream live video and a raspberry pi device will send an alert via SMS to the facility owners’ computer or mobile devices.

It is considered as a cost-effective solution, customizable and easy to implement by the facility owner especially for home residents in comparison with other commercial surveillance system products such as CCTV, IP Camera, etc.

Furthermore, this project uses FAVORIOT as a platform to save sensor data.

[Note: This project is being developed by a FAVORIOT-University collaborator, IIUM. Article was written by Amal Hazirah Hasan Basri]

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