1. Can the wearer be the same person or change?
    Answer: During registration, we require certain individual details such as age, weight, height, etc to ensure the accuracy of the health information.  You can still change the wearer, however, please contact FAVORIOT to update the details.
  2. How long will the battery last?
    Answer: Maximum of 2 days. However, a full charge is less than 2 hours. We recommend bringing Powerbank for long trips.
  3. Do you have RAQIB resources in BM?
    Answer: Coming soon.
  4. Can we use RAQIB other than for Hajj or Umrah?
    Answer: Yes, you can use RAQIB in Malaysia either for monitoring health condition or location tracking. However, if you need to travel to Saudi for performing Hajj or Umrah, please contact FAVORIOT to enable the data roaming. Separate charges will apply.
  5. Where can I find more information about RAQIB?
    Answer: Please check RAQIB Resources.
  6. Who can become RAQIB Referral?
    Answer: Anyone in Malaysia (Commission will be bank-in to local banks in Malaysia only). Just fill in the Referral Registration Form. FAVORIOT will issue a Referral ID.
  7. Can I buy RAQIB via online?
    Answer: Currently we are not offering RAQIB to be purchased via online (Example: Lazada, eBay, Amazon etc). Main reason – RAQIB is a service, thus, it requires the activation of the telco and Raqib service. This will allow the user to have an account to view their data on a Mobile App or Web Dashboard. However, we will enhance our fulfillment features to be as seamless as possible for the customers in the future.

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