1. Social Media Channels
    1. CitiAct Facebook Page
    2. CitiAct Alert Facebook Page
    3. CitiAct Alert Twitter
    4. REDtone IOT Facebook Page
    5. CitiSense Facebook Page
  2. Videos on CitiAct
    1. CitiAct Official Video
    2. CitiAct Mobile App Demo
    3. How To Use
    4. How To Use CitiAct “Testing” Category
    5. CitiAct at GeoSmart Asia 2015
    6. CitiAct and Smart Cities at BW Businessworld 2016
  3. Brochure
    1. CitiAct Brochure
  4. Presentation Slides
    1. REDtone IOT Smart City Solutions
    2. Building Your Next Smart City Solutions – Citizen-Focused Approach
  5. CitiAct Mobile App Download Links
    1. iOS – Download
    2. Android – Download
  6. IOT Platform
    1. How to Use RIOT Platform (IOT Platform) and Become an IOT Developer
  7. Articles
    1. CitiAct Can Help JPJ Catch Traffic Offenders
    2. CitiAct – Your Key in Building The Next Smart City Applications
    3. Updated List of Cities/Towns Globally Using CitiAct
    4. Update List of Cities/Towns in Malaysia Using CitiAct
    5. CitiAct-to-Email feature
    6. CitiAct-to-WhatsApp feature
    7. CitiAct-to-Twitter feature
    8. CitiAct Making Cities Smarter and Better
    9. CitiAct – Citizen Engagement Mobile App
    10. Who Benefits From CitiAct?
    11. CitiAct From REDtone Ready for Worldwide Deployment
    12. CitiAct Case Management (CMS) for Local Councils
    13. IOT and Smart City
    14. REDtone Revealed the First IOT Application for Smart City in Malaysia
    15. CitiAct – The IOT Application for Local Councils
    16. CitiAct Can Help JPJ Catch Traffic Offenders
    17. A Resident Association Used CitiAct For Their Community Reporting
  8. Other resources
    1. IOT World Blog
    2. Dr. Mazlan’s IOT World Facebook Page
    3. Dr. Mazlan’s Slideshare
    4. Dr. Mazlan’s LinkedIn Page
    5. REDtone IOT (RIOT) Website
    6. CitiSense Smart City Portal

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