RAQIB – Promotional Offer

Overview of RAQIB

  1. Track Pilgrim’s Location
    • Use of GPS to continuously monitor the location
  2. Monitor Pilgrim’s Health
    • Help pilgrim’s to be more aware of their overall health
  3. Keep In Touch
    • Mutawwif and family members can keep in touch with the pilgrims easily.


  1. Pilgrims
    • Find their way back
    • Constant communication
  2. Family Members
    • Peace of mind
    • Monitor location and health
    • Tracking the Hajj journey
  3. Pilgrim Authorities / Travel Agencies
    • Service differentiation
    • Better customer service to the pilgrims

RAQIB Availability

RAQIB is now available in Malaysia. FAVORIOT has introduced the RAQIB Referral Program end of August 2018. Check out the RAQIB Resources for more details.

Contact Us

FAVORIOT is now actively seeking partners to introduce RAQIB to other countries worldwide. Contact us to know more – info@favoriot.com or fill in the form below, and we will contact you.

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