Malaysia is in need of the right talents to ensure the Nation is ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There are several building blocks of IR 4.0 technologies namely IoT, AI, VR/AR, Blockchain and others. Internet of Things (IoT) is seen as the main fundamental technology required for others because it all starts with collecting the right and worthy data.

For the past couple of years, the Malaysian Universities are adapting to the changes in the industry and thus their syllabus contents are now geared towards IR 4.0. Both FAVORIOT and Scientific & Technical Product (STP) Sdn Bhd have the same mission in equipping the right tools for the Universities. FAVORIOT brings the strength in IoT middleware or platform and STP has a long history of providing excellent Training systems to the education sectors.

An MOU was signed on June 27, 2019 by both parties for matters of joint strategic alliance in particular:

  • FAVORIOT shall provide IoT Middleware packages to integrate with the IoT hardware solutions carried by STP to the customer.
  • The packages shall target to the education & training sector in Malaysia and Myanmar. 
  • STP shall introduce FAVORIOT to regional partners.  
  • Both parties shall work together to assist each other in the marketing and promotion activities during the roadshow. 

FAVORIOT have been evangelising the idea of Generation IoT for quite some time because we realised that these are the key talents required for IR 4.0. Thus, the partnership with a strong and well-established education training system player such as Scientific & Technical Products Sdn Bhd will make a complete IoT training system that are more practical and truly meet the current industrial needs.

– Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO – FAVORIOT

About STP

STP’s core business is in the High Technology business, particularly providing solutions such as medical and laboratory products, multimedia equipments, as well as educational and training products. STP has been appointed as the sole distributor for the new and up-to-date education courseware / training system such as Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Communication, Robotic (Humanoid, Autonomous Robocar, Drone), Green & Renewable Energy Technology, Cyber Security, Mobile Forensic, Software Testing from Korea & United Stated. The company also acts as a solutions integrator, putting together various products and services that are carried by the other associate companies within the Galaxy Group such as 21stCentury Smart Classroom Solutions and others education aids. STP has continued to aggressively pursue new products for the benefits of its customers who enjoy a high level of technical support and services. 


Favoriot aims to become the preferred partner that offers an IoT platform, tools and services to help our customers become more innovative, effective and productive. FAVORIOT IoT platform is a solution that can be used for various scenarios and tasks in the IoT environment. It enables the provision, management and control of devices, applications and services. Among other things, the platform offers an environment for agile rapid prototyping, for the roll-out of connected products and for visualization tools.

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