Fleet management is a common practice among businesses, but not all companies use IoT to their advantage. In this article, you’ll learn what fleet management is and how it can improve your business.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is a business practice that helps companies manage their vehicles. It tracks and monitors vehicle usage, driver behavior, fuel consumption, and other data. This information can be used to make informed decisions about improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Many companies, including taxi companies, delivery services, trucking firms, car rental agencies, and more, use fleet management software. Fleet management can help businesses save money by optimizing their vehicle use, reducing the risk of accidents, and improving employee productivity.

For example, a fleet management system can be used to track fuel consumption, which helps businesses save money on gas and vehicle maintenance. Fleet management software also helps businesses improve their bottom line by reducing vehicle downtime and the amount of time drivers spend on the road.

Benefits Of Fleet Management Using IoT

Fleet management with the help of IoT makes business more efficient!

The use of IoT in fleet management helps to improve the business processes. It can be used for better communication between employees and customers, as well as among employees. The information gathered from IoT devices is analyzed by the fleet management software and the data is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

For example, an IoT device can be used to track the location of the vehicle and provide information about the driving habits of the driver. This data can be used to help drivers improve their driving skills and can also be used to help insurance companies offer better rates.

How IoT Can Help With Automated Vehicles

IoT devices can be used to make automated vehicles safer. For example, a car with IoT sensors will be able to identify pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. This will help the car avoid accidents.

Fleet management using IoT helps in saving fuel!

The fleet management of today is more than just tracking vehicles. It is a holistic approach to providing better customer service, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. IoT-enabled fleet management solutions help you track your vehicles in real time to monitor their performance and ensure they are at all times on the right roads, with the right fuel levels, heading towards their destination. Through this process, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% which translates into savings of thousands of dollars per vehicle per year.

The introduction of IoT in fleet management is a very important step towards making your business more efficient. The main advantage of using IoT in fleet management is that it helps you to save time and money. It also makes the whole process much easier for you.

This is why you should use IoT in fleet management.

Building Your Own Smart Fleet Management

What do you need to build your own Fleet Management using IoT? Below are the necessary components:

  1. Hardware – GPS or OBD or even a smartphone (using the phone’s GPS)
  2. Connectivity – It’s better to use cellular since mobility solutions require extensive coverage. Thus, cellular is the best solution. But you can also include satellite (if required).
  3. IoT platform – we suggest an open IoT platform that’s easier for you to build the application and control the data ownership. In this case, we suggest using the Favoriot IoT platform.
  4. Web or mobile application – Use the data captured and stored in the IoT platform to create and customize your application and workflow, including CRM (customer relationship management) system.
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