IoT, IR 4.0, and Digital Transformation were popular terms in 2022. Nearly everyone and organizations are finding ways to transform themselves into a more advanced and innovative way of doing business or work.

The critical success for this transformation is “you.” You can become the hero of change that will bring your company to the next level in 2023.

With this in mind, it is time to embrace these innovations to enhance our lives.

You need to make the most of the technology that is available to us today. You need to figure out ways to integrate the technology with your business models and use it. If you wait until others have embraced the technology, you will miss out on all these opportunities.

“You” as the IoT Hero

Regardless of your tasks or occupation, you can become the hero in this transformation journey.

For example, as a lecturer or educator, you can use the knowledge to educate awareness and build new and priceless IoT skills for your students. Give them enough hands-on skills for building IoT projects.

As an IoT product manager, architect, or product developer, you can create new innovative products that bring new revenue streams for your business. The company needs new and attractive products to differentiate itself from others.

As an IoT System Integrator, you want to build, customize and deliver IoT applications for your clients as fast as possible so that you can move on to the next IoT project.

As an IT staff that manages the IoT system in your organization, you need to show that you can easily manage and monitor all the assets effectively and productively.

As the End-User, such as the Facilities Department, Operations & Maintenance Department, or Business Units responsible for their line of operations or business, you want to use new technology or “tools” to ease, simplify and enhance the operations.

The above examples show how you can become the hero in the IoT transformation of your business and organization.

The Three (3) Simple Tips to Become an IoT Hero

Here’re three (3) simple tips that you can follow to become the savior of your business:

  1. Learn both the skills of theoretical and practical aspects of building an IoT project. It’s essential to understand the relationship between the four components of IoT – sensors, connectivity, platform, and applications or analytics. This knowledge will allow you to talk, teach or build IoT products and solutions confidently.
  2. Think Big but Start Small – Identify a significant problem that can have a big impact with a small amount of budget to give your bosses confidence that it works. It can be a solo project with proper buy-ins from various stakeholders. The idea is to reduce the complexity of integration until everyone agrees to proceed to the next step.
  3. Integrate and Scale – It’s essential to identify an open platform that can easily connect IoT devices from third-party vendors and is friendly enough to manage them and create IoT dashboards. Integrate the IoT product you developed earlier with the backend or legacy system of the company for easy workflow. After this stage of completion, you can now scale up with more sensors and later use machine learning to get better data insights.

We Need More IoT Heroes to Transform the Nation

To become a high-income nation, we need more champions and heroes ready and willing to create new and innovative products that cater to the market’s needs.

We will create new high-value jobs as we move into this new era of IR 4.0. Companies will be more competitive in offering their products and solutions. Customers will be more open to embracing new technologies when you can proudly show your IoT solutions’ impact and outcome. 


FAVORIOT helps organizations or individuals in their journey to build their innovative IoT solutions by providing them with an IoT platform that can easily connect and collect data for Data Visualisations or IoT Dashboards.

FAVORIOT also provides IoT Certified Courses to reskill or upskill knowledge in building IoT products.

IoT Hero
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